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Stamping and printing: 20 creative projects


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Printing with stamps provides an easy way to be creative and playful. It is within reach of everybody and requires few materials. This rudimentary but timeless technique can produce surprisingly original results, sometimes extremely simple but at other times reminiscent of sophisticated design. You can refurbish your home without breaking the bank! This book shows readers how to print attractive contemporary motifs on a pillowcase with a potato, on a kitchen apron with an apple, on a place mat with pieces of string, on a curtain with corks, and more… They could make their own wrapping paper with fuse beads or paint a picture with sheets of foam, or recycle everyday objects to astonishing effect. Overall, they will discover that craftwork does not have to be laborious as they explore the host of highly enjoyable techniques at their disposal when they print with stamps

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Stamping and printing: 20 creative projects


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Greenberg Emilie

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