Wohlman Ronald, Hewitt Dylan

The kingdom of nothing


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In this unusual story, about nothing, you will learn so much about everything that matters most.
This heartwarming tale infused with humour tells the story of the kingdom of Nothing, and the loving family who lives there.
In the kingdom of Nothing, there really was nothing. No toys or TVs. No tablets or phones. No bicycles or tricyles or anything at all.
Yet, with nothing in their kingdom, the Queen and the King, the Princess and the Prince, were still the happiest family in the land.
And the reason why is simple. They all knew that the things in life that can bring you the most joy are around you all the time. You just need to know where to look for them.
This strikingly illustrated book, with vibrant pictures from Dylan Hewitt and gentle, rhyming text from Ronald Wohlman, this unique story book will be loved by children and adults alike.

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The kingdom of nothing


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Wohlman Ronald, Hewitt Dylan

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